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Asal Movie Launch – Pics

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Rajinikanth in Mohanbabu’s son Marriage Pics

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Most Costly Song in Kollywood for Endhiran

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Endhiran(Previously ‘Robot’) has been the talk of the town since it’s anouncement.The reasons are obvious.It’s the second film in which the Superstar of Kollywood Rajinikanth is going to pair with Box Office Superstar Director Shankar.To add to the thrill,World Beauty Aishwarya Rai is playing opposite to Rajinikanth.All these mixed up is creating ripples among the filmmakers and filmgoers.

From the day the film had started sit’s shoot there are rumours doing rounds.Now, the latest hype is that Endhiran had just had the most pricey song in Kollywood.The film’s total budget estimate is a whopping 150 crores.The introduction song of the star was shot and had become the costliest song ever shot in Kollywood.

The song said to have 1000 Junior artistes dressed in Robot Wardrobes was shot in the backdrops of sets erected by the art direction genius Sabu Cyril.A R Rehman who has become the latest buzzword with his 2 Oscar hit is the music director of the film.Shankar and Rehman have worked together in all the Director’s film except Anniyan and have proved to be a Great duo with all their songs on the top of charts.It’s going to happen again in endhiran,sources claim,and it is also said that Rehman has sung 3 songs in the film.

The stories are never ending and let’s wait till the grand’s release to see which is true and which is not.

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Sultan-The Warrior on 14 April 2009

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     Sultan-The Warrior,full length animation film starring the tamil superstar Rajinikanth is expected to be released on the 14th of April,2009.The film is directed by the star’s daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth.

     Rajinikanth,who is praised as the superstar of tamil cinema,has been the greatest actor who has managed to gain fans from all over thw world including countries like Japan,UK and USA.Rajinikanth  is now working with Ace Director Shankar in his dream project ‘Endhiran’.His Daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth is the Managing Director of Ocher Studios which is emerging as one of the best animation studios in all of Indian Cinema.

     Ocher Studios,in association with Adlabs,started this Mega Project titled ‘Sultan The Warrior’ with Rajinikanth playing the lead in June,2007.The film has risen expectations not only in Kollywood but also worldwide as it features the superstar animated and the crew also boasts the world-famous musician A.R.Rehman,Ace Lyricist Vairamuithu and Veteran Art Director Thottatharani.

     Now the film is almost over and is in the Post-Production phase.It’s expected to be released on 14th of April,2009.As sources say the film will be released in 11 languages including Tamil,Telugu,Hindi and English.Film fans are eagerly waiting to watch this Movie.

Rajinikanth meets his fans at Chennai

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     Superstar rajinikanth met his fans today at Chennai.The meeting was held at raghavendra kalyana mandapam.

     Rajinikanth,Superstar of Kollywood,has fans worldwide and he and his popularity have been constantly associated with political activities.Rajinikanth has also indirectly shown his interest to join politics through his films.This dilemma of the celebrity has prevailed for more than a decade.

     Following this,In his recent film Kuselan,Rajinikanth delivered some dialogues showing his agitation towards people who force him to join politics.This made his fans hot under their collar and recently they pressurised the star to give a clear opinion whether he would join politics or not.To soothen this chaos,Rajinikanth met his fans at Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam.The audience consisted of selected members from fan clubs all over Tamilnadu.

     Rajinikanth told his fans that he would make his decision after his current project Endhiran.He also severely condemned Kannada people who attack tamil theatres and distributors whenever there is a problem between the governments of the states.

     This meeting has settled the disturbance among the stars’ fans.But they still have a hope that their star will enter politics.As the quote on the meeting’s dias read-‘Kadamaiyai Sei.Palanai Edhir Paar'(Do Your Duty.Do Expect results.)