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Tech Mahindra wins Satyam Computers

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Tech Mahindra a popular software concern in India has won the auction for Satyam computers outbidding other competitors L & T and Wilbur Ross.

Satyam after the money laundry scandal had it’s board of directors reappointed by the government.The new board had decided to give out Satyam computers in an auction.The auction had Software Tycoons like L & T,Wilbur Ross and Tech Mahindra in the competition.It was strongly believed that L & T which was the biggest shareholder would take Satyam.

The results of the auction is out and Tech Mahindra has bought out Satyam Computers with 30.28 crore shares which is 31% of the total shares and sums upto Rs.1,756 crores.Anand Mahindra,Chairman Tech Mahindra, addressed the press saying “This is a landmark development for Tech Mahindra and I am delighted that we are the highest bidder for Satyam”.





Cadillac V Sixteen Wallpapers

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Bollywood flocks Lakme Fashion Week – Pics

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Aishwarya Rai received Padma Shri Award

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Indian Beauty Queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan received the Padma Shri Honour for her contribution to the field of arts.The award was given by Hon’ble President of India Ms.Prathibha Patil.Aishwarya Rai becomes the third Bachchan to receive this honour with Amithabhji and Jayaji having already received the honour.Aishwarya Rai was present at the event in a Red Hot Saree with Her Hubby,Abhishek Bachchan and her in-laws Amithabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan.

Akshay Kumar was also honoured in the ceremony.12345

Tata Nano arrives

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Much awaited car of the year tata nano finally arrives in the market.The car is more than just an automobile.People call it a revolution.

Buying a car has been the dream of any person.Particularly,Indian middle class and low class people have seen cars as an unreachable fruit.Ratan Tata,the most successful business man in India considering this factors decided to do something new.Now,Here it is a car for Rs.One Lakh(approx US $2000).The car was unveiled on the 10,January 2008.The concept of owning a car for as low as Rs.One Lakh did indeed create waves among the common people and businessmen.

The car has finally arrived on the 23rd of March and will be available in showrooms from the 1st of April,2009.The car is available in three variants

Tata Nano Standard (BSII and BSIII): The standard version, in three colour options, single-tone seats, and fold-down rear seat;

Tata Nano CX (BSII and BSIII): In five colour options, with heating and air-conditioning (HVAC), two-tone seats, parcel shelf, booster-assisted brakes, fold-down rear seat with nap rest;

Tata Nano LX: (BSIII) With the features of CX plus complete fabric seats, central locking,  front power windows, body coloured exteriors in three premium colours, fog lamps, electronic trip meter, cup holder in front console, mobile charger point, and rear spoiler. Many of these features are not available on current entry-level small cars in the country.

The company claims the car can reach a top speed of 105 kmph and has a fuel efficiency of 23.6 km/litre which is rather an excellent mileage for a four wheeler.

The booking will be done through State Bank of India with an application form costing Rs.300.The customers can choose to pay the full amount right away or can go for a finance from any bank.The cars will be dispatched from the 1st of June,2009.Tata has decided to accept orders for 1,00,000 cars right now.The figures will increase in the future.

This car is sure going to be a sensational hit and here we are witnessing history.


IPL to be held outside India

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Indian Premiere League board decided to conduct the forthcoming IPL matches in some country other than India.England & South Africa are currently considered.

Indian Premiere League which last year was conducted on a trial basis to introduce League based games in Cricket.The concept divided the players into teams like the club culture in Basketball.The concept was a sensational hit as the cricket lovers loved to watch players from different countries playing together and against each other purely depending on the League they belong to.

IPL team owners included the Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan, Ravishing Beauty Preity Zintha, Business Tycoon Vijay Mallya and more.Cricket fans loved the concept and adored the matches.IPL,in particular,was a huge hit financially.With all those ads and promos,lot of people had earned a lump sum of their lifetime including the players.

This year also the IPL board had decided to conduct the matches in various parts of India.Unfortunately,The matches had dates colliding with the General Elections to come ahead.Home Minister of India,Mr.P.Chidambaram had requested a change of schedule for this reason which caused a difference of opinion between him and Lalit Modi,Chairman of IPL.

Following this,the state governments refused to provide necessary security forces for the players and matches.Considering the recent terrorist threats and the importance of the player’s lives,IPL board has decided to move the matches to some other country.Lalit Modi apologised to the people of India for having changed the location and also expressed his displeasure towards the state governments’ lack of cooperation.

The board also ensured that even though the place has been changed there’ll be no change in schedule and arrangements have been made for the fans to watch the cricket matches live which will be tubed between 1600 hrs and 2000 hrs IST.

Currently England and South Africa are under consideration and the location will be confirmed in two to three days.

Juliana Fine replaces Jessica Alba in Venkatprabhu’s Goa

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Famous TV anchor Juliana Fine has been roped in for ‘Goa’,flick of youthful colours directed by Venkatprabhu.Previously it was Jessica Alba of Fantastic Four fame who was supposed to do the role.

Venkatprabhu who started his career in direction with Chennai – 28 has become the most noted director as both his films Chennai – 28 & Saroja have turned out to be Box Office hits.Now he’s wielding the megaphone for ‘Goa’ which will be produced by Soundarya Rajinikanth for Ocher Studios in association with Film Making King Pin Warner Bros.The story is about the meeting of Four indian youngsters with foreign girls who are on a tour to Goa.Yuvan Shankar Raja will be taking care of the music department.

The film has risen expectations particularly among young film goers.It’s buzzed that Jai,Premji Amaran and Vaibhav will be playing the lead.Venkatprabhu was seriously trying to rope in some famous hollywood celeb to play the lead.Jessica alba,who played Sue the invisible woman in Fantastic Four was on top of the list and it was told that she has accepted to do the role.

Now,It’s being told that alba has refused to take the role and it has been passed to Juliana Fine of Entourage Fame.The film will be shot in Goa and parts of Tamilnadu except Chennai.Irrespective of the female lead the film proves to be a Money bag for the distributors.

Here are some exclusive pics of the beauties.

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